Welcome to Parallel CFD 2011




NEW: Conference papers PDF files available here.


ParCFD is the annual international conference devoted to the discussion of recent developments and applications of parallel computing in the field of CFD and related disciplines. 

Since establishment of the ParCFD conference series, parallel computers have become the dominant form of large-scale computing. Emergence of multi-core and heterogeneous architectures in parallel computers has created new challenges and opportunities for applications research and performance optimization in advanced CFD technology.

ParCFD 2011 includes a Tutorial on CUDA and GPUs for CFD Applications, coordinated by Tom Reed from NVIDIA.


ParCFD 2011 has a special topic: the importance of Parallel CFD in Industrial Applications. For that reason, researchers in applied CFD are very welcome to attend. During the conference, specially devoted keynotes and a round table will be held.

Past editions of ParCFD were in Kaohsiung (Taiwan) in 2010, in NASA Ames (USA) in 2009 and in Lyon (France) in 2008

As in past years, ParCFD 2011 will include contributed and invited papers, panel discussions, and mini-workshops with specific themes. Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

  • Tera- and Peta-Scale Computing
  • Fluid-Structure Interaction
  • Multi-Scale & Multi-Physics Applications
  • Turbulence
  • Multi-disciplinary Design Optimization
  • Acoustics
  • Atmospheric & Ocean Modeling
  • Combustion
  • Medical & Biological Applications
  • Plasma Dynamics
  • Parallel Algorithms & Solvers
  • Micro Aerial Vehicles
  • Parallel Software Development
  • Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering Applications
  • Software Frameworks
  • Industrial & Environmental Engineering Applications